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  • Football has one of the highest injury rates of all sports (36 injuries per
    1,000 athlete – exposures) due in part to the collision aspects of the game.1
  • Knee injuries to lineman are higher than other positions.2
  • The knee joint is the second most commonly injured body site and the
    leading cause of high school sports–related surgeries. Knee injuries are
    among the most economically costly sports injuries and may require
    subsequent surgery or extensive and expensive rehabilitation.3
  • The University of South Carolina provided prophylactic bracing for offensive
    linemen to reduce the risk of injury in 1997. In the first year, they reduced
    the Team’s surgical and rehabilitative cost for ACL and MCL knee injuries
    from $87,975.00  to $1,630.00. Missed days due to these injuries were
    reduced from over 60 days to 4 days.4


  • Players using lace-up ankle braces reduced the incidence of acute ankle injuries
    by 61% in high school football.5

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    at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin


    (1) pair includes two aluminum framed braces with thigh and knee pads built into
    the frame. Available in 5 sizes; M – 3XL. Sizes determined by mid-thigh girth.

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Bledsoe Axiom Ligament Knee Brace Bledsoe Z-13 Adjustable Horseshoe
Lateral Patella Stabilizer Select Reinforced Patella Stabilizer Single Panel Knee Immobilizer
Cast Shoe Silicone Heel Cup Ultima Combo (with TENS, EMS and body part diagram)

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