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MAXEMS Muscle Stimulator 1000 & 2000
MAXEMS Muscle Stimulator 1000 & 2000

Bio Protech MAXEMS 2000 Dual Channel Digital EMS Unit - 1 ea

An affordable Dual Channel Analog Fully Adjustable EMS Unit to help you get the settings "just right". Bio Protech answered the request for an affordable user-conscious muscle stimulator device with the MAXEMS 2000 EMS Unit. This unit contains a wide variety of output combinations and 4 Timer Settings to help the users get the setting that are 'just right' for them. The amplitude, pulse rate, and pulse width are all adjustable and there is a protective cover on the unit to guard against sudden accidental changes. Additionally it features a Zero Start Shock Prevention Feature.

PROTENS electrodes
PROTENS electrodes

PROTENS are designed and intended to be used with
marketed transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators
(TENS). The PROTENS electrodes provide the conductive
interface between the TENS generator and the patient’s skin.

The PROTENS electrode offers the following:
- Fast application and easy handling and removal;
- Strong tacky adhesive;
- Low impedance and high conductivity;
- Self-adhering and reusable; 
- Various styles and shapes for each use.